Welcome to the Pendulum-Spring Tutorial for Robotran!


This tutorial introduces the main modelling features of Robotran illustrated in the red blocks. An example based on the direct dynamics modules will guide you through the tutorial.

Summary of tutorial contents

Features summary

The programming language in this tutorial is python, however the same tutorial exists for matlab and C language.

Folder structure

A Robotran project contains the five following folders:

  • animationR : It contains the files needed for 3D animation.
  • dataR : It contains the *.mbs file which includes all informations given in MBsysPad.
  • resultsR : It contains the position, velocity and acceleration of all joints over the simulation.
  • symbolicR : It contains the symbolic equation files generated by Robotran.
  • userfctR : It contains all the user-defined function. If a user_ function is edited, you will find the corresponding file in this folder.
  • workR : It contains your main script.

On some occasions some other folders will be created. These cases are not part of this tutorial.